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Donato Barbuscia: consultancy services for mergers & acquisitions and selected investments for international investors

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International finance consultancy for businesses and banks, as well as for private equity

Donato Barbuscia offers a comprehensive consultancy service and support in financial matters to professional investors such as banks, insurance companies and institutions, in Switzerland and abroad. As well as a classical business consultancy service and strategic planning, we also support our clients specifically in the areas involving investments, consultancy (businesses and financial service providers) and risk management.

Over the past four years, we have specialised in investment funds in two different areas. On the one hand, we offer structured products (funds in private equity and complex finance solutions). On the other, we have also specialised in real estate funds. Our real estate funds, for example, make it possible for foreign investors to participate in the Swiss market. 

There is no limit upon the level of investment for institutional investors (banks, insurance companies, pension funds and businesses). As an experienced Bank Director, Donato Barbuscia is both a promoter and an adviser for the funds. He bears all the responsibility.

The company does not effectuate asset management and holding administration, it is active in banking, business and technology consulting, as well as in developing
and controlling increasingly complex relationships between finance and the
Swiss real estate market.

In the economic sphere, the company develops research and analysis material in the
field of macroeconomics and strategies created to minimize the risks assumed by
various operators in different markets.

An overview of what we offer

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Consultancy service for international businesses
  • Finance consultancy
  • Risk Management
  • Asset & Liability Management (A/LM)
  • Advice on investment funds
  • Private Equity
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Management consultancy for banks in mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

We will advise and support you through mergers and acquisitions. We focus primarily upon banks and financial institutions, acting as an experienced external consultant throughout the entire process.

Take advantage of our management consultancy experience for investments, investment funds and strategic planning. We specialise in banks.

International networks – from Europe to China

As well providing support for international investors in the Swiss market, we also maintain an excellent network of international contacts and offer our consultancy services in this area. For example, we maintain good contacts with Chinese clients, primarily in the sectors involving metals and minerals. We have already implemented successful projects involving these Asian clients.